About Us

Since 1985

about usEstablished on March 16, 1985, Siyang Rodenticide Factory is a state designated rodenticide production unit by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry, and is currently an official pesticide technical material manufacturer approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). Its products are mainly Brodifacoum Technical 98% (GB 20690-2006) and Bromadiolone Technical 98% (GB 20678-2006) by ICAMA Registrations.


On July 27, 1998, Siyang Rodenticide Factory was restructured into a private partnership enterprise. Since the establishment of the factory, Siyang Rodenticide Factory has successfully developed Chlorophacinone (Stopped in 2002), Warfarin (Inactive), Coumatetralyl (Inactive), Difenacoum (None), the national Bromadiolone and Brodifacoum, and its the only Chinese unit with 4 rodenticides a.i. regisrations in the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA).

Industrial Upgrading

In April 2003, according to SiJiFa [2003] No.108 Report, Siyang Rodenticide Factory have been given approval for 10 Mu land purchased in Eastern of Siyang Industrial Zone (Siyang Economic Development Zone) for its relocation and expansion plans. In March 2005, the relocation and technology upgrading project was completed and passed the safety assessment; in May, it passed the environmental assessment after its completion.


The factory covers an area of 6667 ㎡ (10 Mu), the production workshop 1900 ㎡ and the dangerous goods warehouse 800 ㎡. The main production facilities have 1000-2000-liter reactors, with vacuum pumps, centrifuges, drying room etc. Analytical instruments include Shimadzu HPLC, electronic balances, and nanogram analytical balances, pH meters, water testing instrumentation, test equipment for acetone-insoluble substance etc.

Global Standard

Over the past three decades, the factory has developed and established technologically advanced production equipment, comprehensive environment-friendly and safety measures, a stable quality system, various analytical indicators that are exceed China’s National Standards, and especially the impurity control of less than 0.1% set by EC requirement, and is apparent in large shares of domestic and international markets with technical advantages. 


 On February 1, 2019, Siyang Rodenticide Factory was reissued the Restricted Pesticide License in accordance with the Catalogue of Restricted Pesticides under new Regulation on Pesticide Administration (2017 Revision) by MOA. License No. 113200000140004235. Link:http://nynct.jiangsu.gov.cn/art/2019/2/2/art_13495_8110457.html