Siyang Rodenticide Factory


CAS No.: 56073-10-0
EC No.: 259-980-5
Mol. Formula: C31H23BrO3
MOA Reg.: PD20070323


CAS No.: 28772-56-7
EC No.: 249-205-9
Mol. Formula: C30H23BrO4
MOA Reg.: PD20070322


CAS No.: 81-81-2
EC No.: 201-377-6
Mol. Formula: C19H16O4
MOA Reg.: PD20080154


CAS No.: 5836-29-3
EC No.: 227-424-0
Mol. Formula: C19H16O3
MOA Reg.: PD20083600

Chinese rodenticide legislation & revolution

In 2007, Siyang Rodenticide Factory was reissued the National Industrial Production Permit by AQSIQ for registered Brodifacoum and Bromadiolone in MOA. In 2013, GB-Permit was renewed with No. XK13-003-00347.

On Aug.31, 2017, the Catalogue of Restricted Pesticides promulgated by MOA, contains all 6 anticoagulant rodenticides in China (Flocoumafen, Diphacinone-Na, Warfarin, Coumatertralyl, Bromadiolone and Brodifacoum) are subject to operation at state designated sites.

MOA announcement

Rodenticide legal qualification in China

Founded in March 1985, Siyang Rodenticide Factory is a state designated rodenticide unit by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry, and is currently an official pesticide active ingredient manufacturer for national Brodifacoum & Bromadiolone approved by MIIT.

On Dec.06, 2014, MIIT approved an extension of site-qualified for its pesticide technical material manufacturer, designated location at Eastern of Siyang Industrial Zone, Siyang County.

MIIT Verification Info.